Right Audience Know your Loyal Customers
Right Channel Where does your customers look for information
Right Message It must be emotionally engaging

3 Vital R' s

Right Audience Who are your customers? What are their neglected needs? What are their intra-personal scripts? Where are they? What are their communication seeking behaviors? What is their worldview? What captures their imagination? What engages their emotions? Why do they do what they do?

Right Communication Tools What tools are available and accessible to them? What medium of language can best connect to them? What multi-media tools match their communication seeking behavior using the channels available to them

Right Message What message can be best positioned to meet their dominant neglected needs? Is this message emotionally engaging so as to influence customer loyalty? Have we truly listened to their neglected need? Or, have we just heard ourselves
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Prime Watch Media

About Us
Bringing the right message to the right audience using the right communication tools with the aim of building loyal customers is what Prime Watch Media is all that we do and all that we have done for the past 11 years.
Multimedia is the most effective and impressive medium of communication nowadays. It has changed the way organizations and media communicate. But multimedia are mere tools of Social Multimedia Marketing. Multimedia alone cannot create by itself loyal customers. The value of a business is determined by the loyal customers it keeps.
Expertise in SMM
Primewatch Media with its expertise in Social Multimedia Marketing and capabilities in multimedia services is known for using appropriate communication tools in building loyal customers.